Friday, March 13, 2009

Preference to American Workers?

Recently, Senator Charles Grassley of Iowa said that Microsoft should give preference to American workers instead of foreigners when laying off employees. He said it was Microsoft's moral obligation.

Disregarding the argument about whether a company can have morals (they certainly should have ethics, but morals?), the question arises of whether this should apply to all US corporations.

How about Exxon Mobil, for example? Shouldn't Exxon give preference to American workers? Shouldn't Exxon expand production in the US with US workers rather than venture overseas? As such, shouldn't the US government make available all area with drillable petroleum, such as ANWR and the continental shelf, to help employ US workers? Isn't it a "moral obligation" to do so?

(Yes, I know Mr Grassley is in favor of increased oil production and drilling in ANWR. I'd like to hear him lecture his fellow Senators about their moral obligations instead of lecturing a company that has already created millions of new jobs.)